Whom we Represent?

ARDS Consultants & Engineers Private Limited being an Engineering & Consulting Firm have a diversified portfolio of Products & Services ranging from Engineering Services, Product Sales, Spare Sales, Import & Export, Software Sales, DSC, DGFT Certificate, SSL Certificate & Document Signer.

ARDS Consultants & Engineers Private Limited represents some world class companies and their products. We work hard to add New Products to our basket and cater to more Customers with the diversified portfolio.


Authorized Reseller Partner in Kolkata, India

Hengstler is a renowned global manufacturer of industrial components & sensors based on deep expertise & innovative technology for the counting and control applications. Hengstler manufactures products that are best in class and developed using high grade materials and all their products are UL, CE, TÜV approved. The vast Hengstler product range includes Digital Counters, Time counters, Rotary Encoders, Temperature Controllers, Relays, Printers  etc control and monitor the industrial processes safely and accurately.

As an Authorized Reseller of Hengstler GmbH in India, ARDS can offer Customers the range of Rotary Encoders, Incremental Encoders, Absolute Encoders, EX Rotary Encoders, Digital Counters, Time Counters, Proximity Switches, Safety Relays, High Voltage Relays, Thermal printers, Cutters and other products from the Hengstler range.

Authorized Reseller Partner in Kolkata, India

ARDS is Dynapar Authorized Reseller in India & we can supply Dynapar Incremental Encoder, Dynapar Absolute Encoder & Dynapar Resolver.

Dynapar rotary encoder and resolver solutions are used worldwide in a variety of industries such as Medical, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Packaging, Robotics, Paper and Steel, to name a few. Dynapar’s product range can offer a vast selection of incremental and absolute rotary encoders engineered with the best cutting edge optical and magnetic technology, brushed and frameless resolvers and accessories. 





Authorized Reseller Partner in Kolkata, India

NorthStar Encoders and Motor Tachs are for the toughest environments.

NorthStar heavy-duty encoders were formerly known as Lakeshore Encoders. NorthStar is the maker of robust, innovative and reliable products for measuring speed and position in extreme Conditions & environments.

These heavy-duty, mill-duty magneto-resistive incremental encoders are compact and washdown resistant and are harsh-duty optical incremental encoders. The pulse tachs are designed to work and provide rugged, high-performance signals during the harshest of situations. 

Authorized Reseller Partner in Kolkata, India

Harowe Resolvers – Ultra Performance Feedback.

Inductive resolvers are more rugged than the rotary encoders for the use in adverse operating conditions involving extreme temperature as high as 220 degree centigrade. It has capability to withstand high shocks, vibrations or dirty environments. The products are completely shielded and the spaced support bearings  found in the Harowe resolvers provide up to 10 times the life of a normal duplex bearings.  These tooth wound products cuts error by 50% and brushless resolvers eliminate components that can limit the life. Harowe resolvers are available in both housed and frameless varieties. 


Joslyn Clark

Authorized Reseller Partner in Kolkata, India

Joslyn Clark – Products for challenging applications.

Joslyn Clark AC and DC contactors, medium voltage controllers, medium voltage vacuum contactors and combination of starters are created for some of the most extreme industrial environments in the world. The Joslyn Clark products are used in industries and applications of water and oil pumping, coal and metal mining, compressors, HVAC, industrial electric furnace control, capacitor switching, rock crushing, crane control and lighting control.

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